J A N U A R Y [no. 1]

The new year has us gearing up for new projects and the one word we keep turning to is R E F R E S H. A new year, a new beginning, with new ideas… its exciting & we have found that in the office “refreshing” looks like new fabric samples coming in, new floor plans being drawn, meeting with new clients, and the introduction of new creative thoughts. A big part of the new creative energy comes from the hard work & joyful presence of two of our team members — Sellers & Gretchen. Its been a huge gift to have them on board to help with all that is going on in the studio and in our projects. They help me keep my head on straight as our project loads expand to include new places, new challenges, and new opportunities. So its with a refreshed sense of gratitude and excitement that we begin 2019. Thank you for following along!

And because we are focusing on refreshing, we thought we’d share some of our favorite “refreshed’ interiors. Maybe its the constant grey skies, but we are dreaming of days by the sea and the sun. We hope the images below bring inspiration to refresh your own homes or plan a beach trip (or both!)


Lastly, as of now most of the items in our posts are linked to product in our shop! If you haven’t taken some time to browse around the shop (see the “edit shop” tab above), we’d love for you to do so! We ship throughout the country and are always updating with new & found product.

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